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Doherty Well Drilling Ltd is proud to share some testimonials from satisfied customers.

Dear Brian and Carmen,

It is my pleasure to enclose a cheque for payment in full for the work you did for us last week.

It has made a refreshing change to do business with two such hard-working, knowledgeable, reliable, skillful, down-to-earth guys.

I am so impressed with the way you two worked and the effort you put in that I would like to offer myself as a reference. If you ever have a customer who wants to know why they should hire you, please ask them to call me and I will have no hesitation in telling them what a fantastic job you did.

Thank you so much for fixing our problem so quickly and so skillfully,

Yours sincerely,

Michael L.
July 30, 2009

Brian and Carmen,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of mom’s well problem. She has lovely clear water now and peace of mind. You were professional, honest, fair and hardworking. You were very helpful when I called. I can see why mom and dad spoke well of the “the Doherty Boys”.


Jeannette S.

Brian and Carmen,

Nice seeing you guys again (I guess!). Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to well problems. Thanks for the names you gave us. Will get to the bottom of this someday! Have a feeling will be talking again. Best of the holidays to you and yours.

Mini and Dennis

Carmen and Brian,

Many thanks for your services. Peter and I appreciated your professionalism and humour in what was, for us, a difficult situation.

Thank you


Dear Brian and Carmen,

It was very nice meeting you both the other day – even under sad circumstances! This has all been a real education (especially for me, Mini). Things seem to have settled down – water is still a bit discoloured and there are some small black specks in the water that settle quickly when sitting. Hoping that is all because the well has not “relaxed” yet.

It feels different around here already – cannot believe we didn’t think of doing this sooner. 

Today it is already much better – as I am sure you figured. Wish more business people were like the tow of you.


Mini and Dennis
July 14, 2017

Thank you very much!! Our water is perfect now. We had to replace the cleaning tank. Still need to shock the well, so we might call you again soon for some guidance on that.

Thanks again,

Tracy and Jerry

Dear Brian and Carmen,

Thank you for all your hard work on our well. We really appreciate the fact that you were able to come so quickly on such short notice.


Kelly S.


Contact Carmen 506-468-2952
or Brian 506-468-2990

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